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MINI PCIE wifi6 moudle/wallys based on QCN9074/QCN9024 and MT7915+MT7975









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MINI PCIE wifi6 moudle/wallys based on QCN9074/QCN9024 and MT7915+MT79755 c) B& B, ?0 P
Today I will introduce the wifi6 wifi6e moudle to you.
% x# `# q% W8 p- G$ h8 G. `1 y$ Q# X% C9 ~( O
wallys currently has two wifi6 moudle models, but with chips from different companies.5 h4 J6 N2 m2 @! f; E

% @* p0 @: E; y2 P( A3 CDR7915 (MT7915+MT7975) dual chip." i  j5 u9 A0 ~
3 t. Q& y( g8 X1 M
It has two frequency bands, 2.4g and 5g, but it is used in the motherboard can support two frequency bands at the same time, that is to say, if the board has two frequency bands, the board and card work together, there are four radio at the same time. That's why many customers need it.
) `" b$ ?: Q) |MT7915+MT7975 Chipset* a0 O5 u3 u) x
8 H  Q: X& z8 k4 \1 O  }( f( O
2.4GHz max 23dBm & 5GHz max 20dBm output power
# o- a( R# i1 |; q7 t/ R: ]$ Q& _2 T& ~$ ~3 g/ s$ o0 G; |
IEEE 802.11ac / ax compliant & backward compatible with 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n
1 S3 n- ?' R# J. M& D9 M& ~7 K% X% Z9 W& o* y* A
2×2 2.4G & 2×2 5G  MIMO Technology, up to 1.8Gbps Mini PCI Express edge connector" q5 B3 ~# q  e4 Z

% J1 M. c1 f  j& i4 GSupporttheFrequency2412MHz~2482MHz
! ]9 G( S1 F/ N' O9 Q' ]$ J5 N. q
( U" u5 E3 |' j$ v( [* ?& E
8 @! z4 ]! u4 u3 {" ?) q) A/ L# hRoHS compliance ensure a high level protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals  & y$ n; j( x& |; ?4 c9 b' \4 k: r* i( R
! y% Q0 Q7 p/ I. J4 H: W
Supports Spatial Multiplexing,Cyclic-Delay Diversity (CDD), Low-Density Parity Check  (LDPC) Codes,Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), Space Time Block Code (STBC)+ s3 V% ^9 W( L# ~- p- w

! F5 h1 G4 C  Y2 i( aSupports IEEE 802.11d, e, h, i, k, r, v time stamp, and w standards
4 ?" Y9 u- E+ g2 V  x' B. P. i
" [( k7 l' b% `# g7 D7 xSupports Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
4 Q  i* n+ O% z" _3 [' y6 U' T! a1 D. n, ~& t  ~4 n
CardsareindividuallycalibratedforQualityAssurance2 x% N4 w/ r# j  G) ~9 |6 J& ]
" Y9 d0 i/ |. s1 n& F; g$ r" h

: ~6 h. H0 F) @- o4 h! w4 I  H* aDR9074E(QCN9074/QCN9024) Two Qualcomm chips. The chip can be 9074 or 9024.8 F- e. R9 |2 ~( r
0 L  I0 Y. v( ]- m( j3 `' s
It has three bands, 5g, 6g and 6E.. k" b$ |3 s: P! a' l8 V6 f

. t$ \+ _5 V( t6 N9 cAt present, the mini pcie card of wallys is single frequency, that is, it cannot support 5g, 6g and 6E at the same time, it can only support one, either 5g, 6g or 6E.
, b4 }/ P' i2 D& b- o# S, I9 \! p( Z- p+ S. j$ K9 \
If you need dual-band and triple-band, you don't have to worry too much. wallys engineers are designing it. We believe that we will have it in the near future.+ J& P  u) Z# A0 U
8 e: G& s- ]$ t; F
Features' _1 P  y: D# V+ |4 j
) i6 k0 Z' w" w5 O  M* e
■ Qualcomm Atheros QCN90X4
6 m; k$ y4 G+ b! I5 x( a: E: c9 T" L1 R; j9 p
■ Maxim Tx power 20dBm per chain
$ B7 X. z1 K. w! a% |% R2 g( E/ s2 \: G/ B
■ Date Rateup to 4949Mbps, w( e; d% n+ d1 i+ A/ F
: w+ m; H" v% D; ?7 c
■ Support  5.180~5.825Ghz or 5.925GHz-7.125GHz or  5.180GHz- 7.125GHz
* F4 l1 z/ U! n9 }+ Y$ e7 ^9 H6 [0 l% y8 {/ _+ _' M- _! V6 r
■ MiniPCIe connector
- Z6 D. K/ b# g& E
) }* [# Q5 ]: s8 G9 p) l1 l( Q■ PCI Express 3.0 Interface* _# S2 M+ s5 N( N
. h+ f* E4 d3 Z2 O# F% i
Applications* S$ i% C. y+ N+ w

# j- {, W! \: Y& ]' Z■ Security Surveillance6 S4 G/ D0 y  \7 R6 G

' G2 J1 R* ?. Q4 U' o$ e■ Commercial radio coverage5 |- ?& `1 X% J1 q+ K8 f$ K) ?
5 v; f. j8 ^9 U$ h
■ Hotel Wireless application
0 i4 `! S0 g% J: w. k
( Y! ~" J2 U; r7 m, a4 O+ q' d■ Forest fire protection engineering+ i- D/ H$ v9 b1 O, t

& }( z4 D/ P! T■ Country coverage
" C" F" [' V: e$ f, T
; Q3 k) g; e/ O" d+ v. `- B) E■ Some special scene application, Q6 x' ^, _5 S& f' w' |5 q
8 m9 K/ k! T# d% H9 g, c  T
1 l+ V2 P; R* @

$ k  e! m" ?% d" {5 \With a history of 10 years, Wallys has been very mature in the design and development of hardware and software in wireless communication. It also supports customization and software development, and has won the trust of 90% of customers around the world and reached a long-term cooperative relationship. It is also a supplier of facebook.0 \! Y: E9 e! d: q. g% E9 _
Commercial processes and communications are all managed utilising wireless technologies, and the number of users, devices and apps are only going to increase.  Therefore, it is essential to have a robust, secure and high performing WiFi solution that is future-proofed, mobile, and scalable.  Not only is business WiFi vital for your workforce and organisation, it is now imperative for visitors to be able to access a secure guest wireless network.Wallys mainly uses Qualcomm and MTK chips. The main products include router, moudle, industrial access AP and antenna, which are of industrial grade, and the quality and performance fully meet the requirements of users.
. }6 V% Y, v1 D! z9 \. jSkype/EMAIL/Teams:[email]sales@wallystech.com[/email]$ d! x8 G2 V; y4 n* v' D" d

1 p9 u6 y6 F$ I* ^

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hey brew, i now like the logo as it is. i know you have been changing things around today, so it has just taken me a moment to get used to them  :sun_bespectacled:

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